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Catch a glimpse ​​of Tasmania in 1979 - films of art, industry and life

​​What was Glimpses?

​​Glimpses is a series of short films that highlight art, industry and heritage in 1970s Tasmania.  The Tasmanian Film Corporation produced them in 1979 for the Department of Tourism. The Department of Touris​m noted in their Report for the year 1979/80:​

​A series of ten, five minute segments entitled 'Glimpses' are proving very popular with audiences.  Each film features some interesting aspects of Tasmanian life, includi​ng the arts, sport, crafts and interesting industries, introduced by an attractive young lady, they resemble in style the 'This Week in Britain' series and so far have had television airing in Tasmania, Adelaide, and Newcastle.

​These films include 

​Check out these fourteen films through our YouTube Channel ​.  ​​