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John Glover 1767-1849

On the 250 year anniversary of John Glover’s birth we are delighted to share items from our collections.

John Glover, an established landscape painter, arrived in Van Diemen’s Land from England in 1831. He was allocated a significant grant of land at Mills Plains on the northern slope of Ben Lomond. Here his home ’Patterdale’ was built  beside the Nile river. The land and buildings providing inspiration for much of his Tasmanian works. 

John Glover is recognised for his naturalistic and atmospheric paintings of Australian nature, settler life, and Aboriginal culture.

John Glover, artist, Mary Morton Allport c.1832

The Allport Library and Museum of Fine Arts holds two of the five known formal portraits of John Glover. This watercolour on ivory miniature - the original is 118 x 93 mm - was painted in Tasmania by his friend Mary Morton Allport.

[Portrait of John Glover] artist, John Raphael Smith c. 1786

This coloured crayon portait of Glover aged 22, painted on card at the Free School Appleby, England. where Glover was a writing master.

[Sketch of cows] c.1830 

A watercolour on paper produced before Glover left for Van Diemen's Land. Glover was a foundation member of the London based Society of Painters in Water-Colours.

The River Nile 1838

The River Nile flows through Patterdale, the Glover's property at Mills Plains in northern Tasmania. This ink and grey wash on paper work is similar to an 1837 oil painting held in the National Gallery of Victoria - 'Nile River Van Diemen's Land'.

Patterdale Van Diemen's Land 1840

Patterdale was Glover's property at Mills Plains on the northern slopes of Ben Lomond. The original oil painting is part of LINC Tasmania's WL Crowther Collection and is on display in the History Room at 91 Murray Street, Hobart.