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​Knowledge Base

Each year we are asked thousands of questions related to information we have in our libraries and archives about Tasmania.

To support your research we are posting our responses below to the most topical and interesting enquiries.

We make sure to remove personal information from the enquiries, answers, related data and search tips.

How can I find police records for my ancestor who served as a convict constable in the 1850s?Lieut. Wm. Gunn, taken January 1868 [Police magistrate] Record ID: SD_ILS:612389

Several archival series may provide details of your ancestor's employment with the Tasmanian police, including:-
POL324 Register of the appointment, transfer, registration, and dismissal of the police establishment
AC486 Register of police establishments

You can read the records of these two series on microfilm in the Hobart Reading Room where staff will be pleased to assist you. 


  • You should check out all the archival series that we hold for the TA242 Police Department
  • Also, try our research guide for Tasmanian court records for items about the police and criminal matters. 

​Search tips

In the basic search box of the Archives Online database simply type the words: police department.
Then click on the Search button.​

My ancestor worked as a Nursing Sister around Australia in the early 1900s. Did she also work in Tasmania?Photograph - Nursing Sister Doris Burn - later White Reference: PH30-1-5293

​Firstly, you should check The Tasmanian post office directory 1890 - 1948. 

You can search online year by year, either by location or alphabetically by surname. Since these directories were compiled using the head of the household, if your ancestor was living with her husband, then her name may not appear.

Nurses who were working in Tasmania were required to register with the Nurses Registration Board (1927-1988) who maintained an (annual) Register of general nurses engaged in all areas of nursing by their speciality. Nurses may be registered as : Mental,  Midwifery, General, Psychiatric, Child Health, Tuberculosis, Mothercraft, Auxiliary, Geriatric or General.

As you have an accurate idea of the dates of her time in Tasmania, you can either search this register by visiting the Hobart Reading Room or, if unable to visit in person, submit an online enquiry.


​Search Tips

  • In the search box on the LINC Tasmania home page type the words: nurse training register and click on the Search button. In the results, you should follow up the link to the General nurse training register and, within that, the link to the Nurses Registration Board.