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​Knowledge Base

Each year we are asked thousands of questions related to information we have in our libraries and archives about Tasmania.

To support your research we are posting our responses below to the most topical and interesting enquiries.

We make sure to remove personal information from the enquiries, answers, related data and search tips.

What do annotations to the online birth, death and marriage registers held by TAHO refer to? Photograph - Couple on their wedding day (unidentified) Reference: PH30-1-5921
​Annotations to Birth, Death and Marriage registers held by the Tasmanian archive and Heritage Office (TAHO) can provide clues to discover your ancestors. In the mid-1900s, researchers annotated original records (using  letters and numerals) to assist with locating other BDM records linked to the individuals registered.

For example, the marriage record for Mary Ann Higgins and Michael Cairns is annotated with B 541/49 which identifies the birth record for Mary Ann – registration 541 of 1849.

This then gives you the names for Mary Ann’s parents.

The annotation 1637/34 D is a reference to a death register in 1934 number 1637. We hold records up until 1933 so we can’t check this one.  A family member would need to apply to the Registry of Births Deaths and Marriages if they wanted to get a copy of this certificate​ 

While helping to progress a family history search, these annotations are unofficial, unindexed references to documents.

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